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1. Introduction

ALG Websites Ltd (“ALG Websites”, “we”, “us”, "our") operating as Ltd Company Info ("site") gather and use certain information about individuals (“you”, “your”, “user”) in order to enable certain functions on this website.

Please refer to the ALG Website Privacy Policy which covers all websites and services we operate -

2. Data We Collect

You may register on the site for an account. An account allows you to claim company pages and follow other companies to be notified of changes.

When you register for an account, you are required to provide us with your full name and your email address and an account password. This data is stored in our database to allow future logins. Your password is encrypted in a non-reversible format.

We also store your Internet Protocol Address ("IP Address", "IP"). Your IP is saved in our database when you register and login. During registration, several internal and external checks are performed on your IP. These checks are made to prevent signup and server abuse.

Company Filing History data ("filing data") is available for all companies and can be downloaded free of charge. When you download filing data, we store your IP and User Agent ("browser"). This data is used for statistical purposes and to prevent download abuse.