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Natalie Louise NICHOLSON

British National

Officer Overview

Natalie Louise NICHOLSON is listed as an officer for 0 companies. They have resigned from 4 officerships. Their most recent resignation was on 31/10/2009.

Active Officerships

0 active officerships.

Appointed On Company Name Company Number Role Occupation
- No Active Officerships -
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Resigned Officerships

Resigned On Company Name Company Number Role Occupation
31/10/2009 SOLEIL BIOGAS UK LIMITED 06578550 Secretary Financial Controller
31/10/2009 SOLEIL FUELS LIMITED 06720254 Secretary -
31/10/2009 SOLEIL HOLDINGS LIMITED 06621742 Secretary -
31/10/2009 SOLEIL ENERGY LIMITED 06720243 Secretary -
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Officer ID: 516A2D905921A8D28D67F2D53CD65863